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10th-12th Graders...the next ASVAB will be on January 12th!

 Sign ups can be found right here in the Guidance module.  If interested, sign up ASAP so you will be included in ASVAB prep on December 15th.

It is not just for people looking to join the service.  It is one of the best interest inventories….it matches your interests and abilities to help you find the best jobs for you.  A rep will be out when results are in to help you interpret your scores and what they mean. 

If you are taking the ASVAB for military purposes, you are allowed to take it as often as it is offered at your high school but just remember, they take your most recent score!  That means if you scored better the last time you took it, they will still take your most recent lower score.  So….if you already have a good score, think twice before you sign up for it again and make sure you study if you do.

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