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Bright Futures INFO for Seniors...what happens next???

-The district will send 8th semester grades to Bright Futures mid June.

-At that time, Bright Futures will conduct final evaluations and decide on awards.

-Usually students are notified by the end of June (via the email the student put in their Bright Futures application).

-Awards will be sent straight to the college the student is attending (if there is any money left over as a result of Florida prepaid and/or other scholarships, the remaining money will be sent to the students home address (in the students' name).

***Side note: Upon completing the application, students were able to choose up to 4 schools they were planning on attending. As long as the college they are attending is one of those 4, their application is fine. If it's NOT, they need to log back into their Bright Futures application, with their username and password, where they can verify and/or update.***

If you have any questions, you should contact Bright Futures at:

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