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DC, Philly, NY College Tour Trip INFO

Next Summer (summer 2020)
June7th-12th (Sunday-Friday...1st week of summer)
Touring colleges in D.C, Philadelphia, & New York

The DC, Philly, New York college tour trip enrollment deadline is this Friday, April 19th. The enrollment flyer is attached here, which includes itinerary, pricing, and the enrollment link. Enrolling only requires a $95 deposit. Monthly payment options are available. :)

Currently I have 4 guaranteed spots left, so if you are thinking about it, I would try come to a decision ASAP so you can be sure to snag your spot if you want it. Students...if you have friends that you think would be interested in this trip (even if they don't go to this school), you are welcome to invite them and pass along the enrollment long as they will be in high school next school year and currently have at least a 3.2 unweighted GPA.

On this trip we will be visiting many great schools...big, small, liberal arts, private, prestigious, big city, more rural, etc...! It's a great step in the beginning of the college search process. Whether or not the schools we are visiting are colleges they think they want to go to, the different types of schools we will be seeing will help students get a better feel for what TYPE of college is right for them. Students will be provided a journal w/ prompt questions that we will use after each college visit to help them remember what they liked and didn't like and what they learned. It should aid them in coming up w/ a more focused group of schools they are interested in and want to visit w/ their parents in the future. :)

Ways to cut costs:

When you enroll, you will have a giving page which is like a go fund me EXCEPT ALL the money goes to the student. Students and parents should share this giving page w/ family and friends and through all their social media outlets. Family/friends may decide to give money towards their trip instead of giving them a birthday or Christmas present. If the student washes the neighbors car or mows their lawn, he/she can ask them to deposit money on their giving page instead of paying them....many times people will give them more than they would have if they just paid them because they are happy to contribute to the educational experience. Giving pages should be shared early and often....reminders work great!

Next year I am going to try to set up 2 fundraisers...1 each semester. I certainly cannot guarantee that these will result in a huge discount but I am hoping it will help some. Next school year as I am setting these up, students who are already enrolled will be notified and invited to participate. If they choose to participate, they will share whatever funds are raised and those funds will be applied to their account.

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