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I just wanted to REMIND you all that the Senior Night Presentation is posted here under presentations.  It has lots of pertinent info for Seniors as well as how to apply to colleges.  If you haven't already, you should check that out ASAP!  :)


As a recap for college apps:

-Go to their website and apply (undergraduate admission/first time in college) or you can check common app and/or coalition to see if multiple colleges you are applying to, are on there.  That way you can do one application and send it to multiple colleges.

-Request a student summary from the guidance secretary (Mrs. Nevish). You will need this to complete your application(s).

-Request transcripts to be sent to colleges you are applying to:

-Send SAT score ( or ACT score ( to colleges you are applying to.  Yes, some colleges are test optional.  If a college you are applying to is test optional, you should STILL send your score IF you are within 100 pts (SAT) or 2 pts (ACT) of the average test score(s) of admitted students.

-Compile a high school resume, highlighting all the good things you've done through out high school (excluding your GPA & test scores): leadership, community service, jobs, clubs, sports, other extracurriculars, honors/awards/honor societies, technology skills (apps, computer languages, etc..), certifications, etc... You can find examples of resumes online.  Some college applications will ask you to submit this.  Others will just ask you for information from your resume

-If the colleges you are applying to, require a letter of rec, you should give the person you are asking, your resume and 2 weeks. People you could ask include: core teacher, elective teacher (if it's been a focus in high school and you have taken it for at least 2 years), counselor, coach, employer, or mentor. It cannot be anyone related to you.

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