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Seniors!!! JSF Children of UPS employees or retirees who live in Florida Scholarship DUE: 4/1/18

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation is offering $1,000-$10,000 to students attending a 4 year college or University and $1,000-$5,000 to students attending community colleges, state colleges, or vocational/tech schools.  The award is renewable for 3 years or until a bachelor's degree is earned but students must reapply each year.  The UPS employee (parent) must currently reside in Florida (and have resided their for 12 months preceding the application deadline), be employed at UPS at the time the awards are announced, and be a regular full time or permanant part time employee (unless retired or deceased).  As part of the application, applicants must provide current  transcripts and a completed applicant appraisal form (found on the "program information" part of the application under "required documents" before you click on "register to apply").

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